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Is Peace Possible?

Updated: May 18, 2018

As someone passionate about making the world a better place, I contemplate peace and what it would take for the world we live in to achieve a peaceful state. And unlike many, I believe it is something, that over time, can be accomplished. But how do we even begin to chip away at the unrest that many suffer with? We must begin with creating peace within ourselves. And how is this monumental task possible? It's simpler than you think, and can be realized when we focus on just 3 things.


First we must remind ourselves of all of the good things we have going for us. Even during the dark periods of our lives, there is ALWAYS something that you can be grateful for. It's important to be in a spirit of gratitude every day, so one way I help to remind myself to take time for thankfulness is to take a minute to list things that I am grateful for during the time of day that represents my birthday ex. My birthday is May 16th, so 5:16. It happens twice a day, although I don't like to be up at the a.m. 5:16 if I can help it.

Usually I am at work or home at that time, so I see the clock and it reminds me. So what if I don't glance at the clock at exactly 5:16 since I don't own a watch or have the habit of staring at the clock? It really doesn't matter. If it's 5:05, it will still cue something in me to recite things that I am so happy to have in my life quietly to myself (as I am often giving a massage at that time.) When you feel thankful, your heart energy expands and your vibration increases in such a way that you feel happier, more fortunate, and you may actually feel a warm glow coming from the inside. It's hard not to smile when you think of all the things we have to be grateful for in this existence.

Once we have been able to adopt a daily habit of gratefulness, throughout the day, not just at specific times, our interactions with others begin to shift as the gratitude we experience helps us to feel more for our fellow life forms.


When we can empathize with someone regarding a loss, or show random kindness to someone we don't know, we are showing compassion. Sometimes, perfectly nice people who are generally respectful and polite, will react irrationally towards "others." You know, those that disagree with them on one subject or another, be it political, theological, or any of the numerous possibilities that could spur a bias. They may know these "others" personally, or they may live across the globe from them. In either case, this must stop.

We must always remember that every one of us has a story, and we all have a right to our own values and beliefs. Whether we have a chance to know someone personally or just have an idea of what "that kind of person" is like, we should look back on portions of our own imperfect lives, and focus more on our commonalities than our differences.


Have you ever heard the phrase "looking through rose colored glasses?" It generally describes someone who sees the upside in either people or situations, or both. It's difficult to put them on sometimes, but always worth it.

When we look at everyone and everything through a lens of love, our lives begin to form into a life of peace. Just as being grateful sparks a warmth within our breast, focusing on love, in all situations, create a peace, calm and understanding deep within ourselves. This peace first has an effect on us, ourselves. And once we have been fortunate to feel that peace within, it generates a kindness that can only be fully realized and expressed when conveyed to others through tender thoughts and behavior.

When we remember to center our focus on gratitude, compassion and love, in all of our daily dealings, not only will we benefit individually, but we will benefit as the human race.

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