Women of the World!

It's time to reclaim your birthright


and revisit the healing traditions

of your ancestors.



Become the grandmothers, mothers,

sisters, aunts and daughters

that heal their families

using herbal remedies.


Learn to be a medicine maker,


commune with mother nature

and join the ranks

as a

Wise Woman!

So, are you ready to embrace the healer within?

 Take the next step, and join us at our next

Wise Women Reborn Retreat!


Discover the magic of healing with nature.  This retreat will bring you back into harmony with yourself and with the natural world.

During this retreat you will:

* Enjoy engaging workshops taught by a Master Herbalist!

* Have fun making your own remedies!

* Experience natural beauty routines!

* Take inspiring herb walks!

* Commune with other women!

* Reconnect with yourself!

Who are the Wise Women?

  The wise women were healers of European descent.  From ancient times, these women healed using their knowledge of plants, which was passed down through the generations, from one woman to another.  Often times this knowledge was passed down orally, from a grandmother to granddaughter or mother to daughter.  Sometimes they used "recipe books" to keep records of which plants they used to treat certain disorders.  You see, these women had a very close and personal relationship with nature.  Not only would they use plants, and other natural materials for healing, these women were in tune with nature's energies and cycles, and held them as sacred.

  Sadly, more than 50,000 of these women were unjustly killed throughout Europe and North America, with the majority of the persecution taking place between the mid 1500's to the mid 1700's during the height of the witch hunts.  Those that weren't killed by hanging, drowning or burning, were imprisoned and subjected to torture and public humiliation. Thousands of men were also killed trying to protect these innocent healers.  Because of this terrible oppression, many of those that remained were forced to quit healing or hide their practice in order to save their lives, but fortunately some of these women bravely protected this wisdom, and now we can heal ourselves and our families without fear of persecution.

  This new era of Wise Women is a powerful shift toward reclaiming our right to heal ourselves and those we choose.  There are cures for cancer, auto-immune disorders like HIV, and countless other diseases and disorders all available to us in the form of safe medicinal plants.  You have been deceived by a medical system that, as a whole, seems much more interested in profits than the well being of those in their care.  This new generation of healers comes from all ethnicities.  And now we have both knowledge and access to healing plants from all over the globe!  The present Wise Women also come from all religious backgrounds.  What we all have in common, is that we all want to reconnect with the healer and nurturer within, and rekindle our own love affair with nature.


Cindy Whitley has been a practitioner of the natural healing arts since 1993.  She has also been passionately educating others about these ancient healing traditions for over a decade, as well as using herbal medicine to heal her own family.  Join Cindy at one of the upcoming Wise Women Reborn retreats and learn how simply freeing it is to have the knowledge of herbal healing.  You will learn traditional medicine making techniques in a fun and engaging style.  You'll also learn about dozens of wonderful plants through written material,as well as herb walks, and hands on experiences.  All in a beautiful, serenely rejuvenating retreat location.  Come commune with other women, reconnect with nature, and come back to your true self.  Cindy is also the author of Success in the Pursuit of Happiness.

For additional inquires regarding retreats or other events, please contact through naturalhealingworkshops@gmail.com
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